Speaking Soul

“ रेह रेह कर तूने वार किये सो भला किया
मैं क्यों तड़प – तड़प उठा मेरा कसूर था!”

Ghalib’s Poetry in Stones

‘Mirza Ghalib’ and sculptor ‘Brijender Syal’ are separated by two momentous centuries but it is as if Ghalib had written his poems for this ardent sculptor –admirer ,who celebrated Ghalib’s verses in stones two hundred years later !

Syal ke Nazam aur Khayal

A collection from his soul..
‘Syalji’ as a poet touched all
genre of poetry: Romantic, Political, patriotic, , satire, social aspects, spiritual, celebrating nature at its glory. a potpourri
of poems for all.


A saga of more than four  decades of beautiful sea stone sculptures based on Ghalib verses lie in the GALIB ACADEMY museum , Nizamudin, New Delhi . The stones as assembled together by MrSyal , speak volumes about Ghalib’s poetry and the mastery of the sculptor in understanding each verse , its emotions , esthetically put together on Ghalib’s couplets  with  poignancy.