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About Mr Brijender Syal

Brijender Syal ( 1918 -2001)

A man born in the shadows of world wars and the fires of our freedom struggle, was royally bestowed with the best in life as a child, graduating  in English & Urdu  from  the Christian College Lahore. He often quoted about  his passion for writing articles & poems for local magazines, and his popularity as an anchor for all major programmes in school & college.

He joined the British Army, but was severed due to his pro-nationalistic writings! 

1947 was the turning point where ‘Syal’ had to bear the horrors of partition, loosing his home and many loved ones, witnessing the naked dance of death around.

He rejoined the Indian Army in the education corps later in independent India  and served it for nearly 30 years. He was often called the fauji with a gun & pen!”

1971, he lost his wife to the fangs of cancer, leaving him heartbroken with two daughters .

His romantic, sublime love for poetry, reverence for nature, art, expertise in languages like Hindi, Urdu, English and farsi is evident from his work, & gave him a recluse beyond death. Nothing could deter him from his art, not even a massive heart attack in 1994.

Syal’s love for Ghalib’s shayyari (poems) made him explore the world of natural stones … which he strung like a symphony, into beautiful compositions, unparalleled, in the world! People brushed the canvas alive with colors, but he chose stones and gave them life!

“Ghalib : A hundred Moods,” is a table book published by the “Publication Division, Ministry of information & broadcasting Govt. of India” is a tribute to Ghalib through his finely chiselled stone compositions.

Capt Brijender Syal left for his heavenly abode on Jan 7 th 2001 and till the last day writing and inspiring!

‘His space and vision, And a world so vast

That the sky is splashed, In the warmth of twilight,

The whisper of his dreams and words we need to push on”  

~ Salila Bedi & Abhiruchi Sunderlal ( daughters)