Feelings of a right man

Healthy relationships usually begin with mutual interest and attraction that grows over time. This is the complete opposite of unhealthy relationships, which usually start out with a grand light show that quickly simmers into ash. If you can internalize this, it will change the way you date forever. So here I will discuss in my style that what goes inside a true man’s mind about his woman.

I want to exhale your past
I don’t want your pain to aghast
I just want to inhale your presence
Even in your absence

I want to take opportunity to learn you
And that’s 101 percent true
I want to do things that would make you smile
And things that would beguile

I want to sneak up from behind you
And would never like to adieu
Grab you by waistline and guide you back towards me
And be your love devotee

I am just trying to get inside your mind
And am never gonna stab you from behind
Because you are everything to me
And I promise that I will never flee

I love when you wear new dresses
And drive away all my stresses
I pay every attention from your hairs to your nails
Too busy watching you that I even forget my mails

I love the way you bring out colors in your eyes
Eyes that kill when they rise
I just want to let you know how beautiful you are
And that I love your each and every scar

I’ll be all you’ll ever need
And will be there in your every deed
Through the good times and the bad
Through the happy times and the sad

Even if sometimes I ever make you sad
I will still be the best friend you always had
I will love you in all your pains
Till my last remains
Till my last remains

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Don’t judge by appearance, a rich heart may be under a poor coat.

Some are born poor
But by heart they are grandeur
Some are born rich
Behind back they always snitch

No one is rich here
Because no one actually care
What people are going through
And what in life they bear

People who can give
Generally prefer to sieve
They don’t want to help
For money they always yelp

A kid is born with no tag
We are the one to give them a flag
To distinguish them from others
Not letting them live like brothers

God gave us birth
We will die on this earth
With nothing in hand
We’ll merge in sand
We’ll merge in sand

Why did u leave ?

When someone close to your heart leaves without a reason

Why did you leave ?
My heart couldn’t retrieve
Why did you leave ?
Was it a preplanned deceive?

Even I had a loving heart
It’s not an engine with push and start
It’s not something to hurt
Thank you for putting me to alert

Blood is still running inside
Love is fake worldwide
Family’s love is all true
Everything else is untrue

Being humane is all I have learned
There is something I have earned
To never give someone hate
And to never ever set a Bait

Stay true in every aspect
Always be someone’s perfect
Fulfill promises you do
And stay strong as a bamboo

Fighting the Depression Bomb

It’s about my mom
Who beared the depression bomb
It’s about her life
That was in a depressed strife

It all started from Facebook
And ended up in a storybook
Books and music were her favourite
So I used them as a bait

I kept her busy with books
Which helped in improving her looks
I kept her busy in music
She forgot the life that was acerbic
Even doctors failed
But I never paled
Used all my ways
To bring back happy days

Finally after years she recovered
There was something I discovered
If you have a willing power
You can set alive a dead flower
Where every power ends
Only human power defends
Only human power defends

Reality of a man’s life

Man proposes and God disposes

A man’s life is like a book
It’s not like what it looks
There is something deep inside
Which they often hide to try

It’s not just girls that go through hard time
This is what I would like to discuss today in my rhyme
A man’s life is full of pains
But he never complains
Because they are parented in such a way
To keep work life and emotions away
Away from their family life
And to always help his loved ones and wife

He tries his best to heal your pains
Without showing you the struggle stains
He tries to lift you up in your downs
By supporting you physically and behaving like clowns
He always tries to put a smile on your face
When he’s left alone ,it becomes a matter of disgrace

Do all we need is materialistic things ?
Don’t you see the hard earned life and love he brings?
We complain about what is not given
Because we are more money driven
Same is with boys but it happens without a noise
They do get depressed
And often come across the word molest

And it makes me really sad
When no one Is there to recognize the unheard pain
For years a man’s job was to get food and reproduce
But still he faces stress,anger and abuse

I won’t hide and will be true to you
There is something I wanted to imbue
That we emotionally depend upon you
And we really need your love that is true
You have that kind of super power
To turn alive a dead flower
You can turn a wild carefree boy into a responsible man
And can turn him into a hero like the batman
You can give birth to a child
And sometimes romantically you can even go wild

Women are known to sacrifice their dream
While her man is heading upstream
Men and women both go through a similar phase
So we must always embrace
Each other’s mistakes
And hence stop all the relationship aches

To every broken heart girl

For every girl out there who has a broken heart
Today I have something for you in my art
It’s related to real stories happening around
And there is something I have found
Something that make girls feel uncomfortable
Something that changes their heart
That makes them listen sad songs in dark

It’s a broken heart

Heartbreak is something which scares you the most
It’s something that scares you like a ghost
I can smell your bleeding heart
Cz I have a heart that is too smart
To feel your real pain
A pain so inhumane

You don’t even want to see that someone
Someone who broke your heart and flee
Who forgot about you in a day or two
Someone who promised to stay and never adieu
He cheated and left you
When he came to know that there was a baby too

Girls ,they don’t deserve you at all
Who leave you behind to fall
Not someone who puts you down
To let you drown

I realise that how much it hurts
When someone diverts
Time today is getting worse
Something like an old curse

But I know you are meant for something more
So realise your worth and try to open another door
You have got power to think
And know ways to tackle a deep love shrink
Don’t let a lusty man find you
Ink yourself with a Phoenix tattoo

All the pains and flames made you stronger
Now fake people will not last longer
After so much hurt and pain
You will never love again
Not even another friend
Because that liar has set you to a fucking end

But there is something I wanted to imbue
To all the girls struggling like you
That if love can break your heart
I have the power to fix it through my writing art
Its hard to see everything you went through
But my poems will definitely give you reasons to renew

What a disgrace?

Let me paint you a picture of a girl whose tears ran on my face thinking of ”WHAT A DISGRACE” ?

Someone came into her life

When she was just a little girl

She was happy and young

But that someone came and changed her world

By kicking her tummy

When he came to know that

She’s soon gonna be a mommy

He watched as she sat there bleeding

But he never cared about her feeling

She couldn’t withstand the pain

She finally lost her baby

And was left all alone and heavy in heart

After days of pain

She took all her courage she would find

To make a stand for herself and leave him behind

Did she really deserved this from someone she trusted

She thought her as her blood

But it was her body that he lusted

It was only her body that he lusted




Something odd happens for some reason
But it is just for a season
We always wish for wonderful things
And run away from the problems that life brings
But we can’t become brave this way
And we’ll be loosers one day

Every person has a purpose in our life
Either big or small
Some hurt us and make us cry
Some teach us lessons to fly
High up in the sky

People may change to make you burn
But I think it helps us to learn
Things might go wrong
But we have to walk along
Because things fall apart
Only to teach humans the way to beautiful art

Keep smiling through your fears and tears
And keep climbing the stairs
Look towards the brighter side
Let your hard work and determination decide
Someday everything will be perfect
And you will have a life full of respect

Stay positive
Have fun
Good things will definitely happen