Happy international women empowerment day

India is even known for its sobriquet male-chauvinistic nation.Women are the companion of man,gifted with equal mental capabilities.She has the right to participate in every minute detail of activities of man and she has an equal right of freedom and liberty with him.She is entitled to a supreme place in her own sphere of activity as men is in his.The Constitution of India ensures a place of dignity and honour for all women.

It’s ‘Bharat Maata’ who is inturn a woman that serves as the mother of every Indian. While such a woman looks after every Indian child, women in general are simply being disregarded at the dominant men’s best. Men ought not to forget the fact that ‘men’ are in ‘WOmen’. Women are no less than men in India in any sector. Women are not what they really were. Some decades ago, women were limited to the kitchen.Women in the past used to be just an object to live within the walls of the houses.She used to be illiterate and was involved only in cooking and washing works of the house..Infact she didn’t get a good treatment from her male counterpart.

Today, Indian women have made their presence felt virtually in every field. Women have ultimately come out of their ‘saree’ image and entrap the nation by dint of their hardwork and power. Women Empowerment is infact the ability of women to exercise full control over one’s actions.

Empowerment of women in India is conspicuous by many live examples. But, is that all? Are only those women empowered? If not, how about rest of the Indian-women world? Are the common women vested with powers to drive the nation? These above questions, if posed to our so called leaders, would simply be parried. Women have become marionettes in the hands of them.

The ability of a woman to break the barriers and tread on a new path was proved by women.People usually get carried by the myth that men can do far better than women. Indian women dispelled the myth by making their footprints in almost every field of work.A woman Defence Minister is one of the biggest signs of women empowerment in any country and Nirmala Sitharaman was one such example.Now she is an Indian politician serving as the current Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs of India. She is a member of the Rajya Sabha, upper house of the Indian Parliament, since 2014.

Women are not only law-makers and law-controllers, but also Business magnates.Kiren Mazumdar Shaw is one of the richest and popular self-made business women, she says she became an entrepreneur by accident as she never aspired to start a business. Creating a biopharmaceutical company called Bicon in 1978, she has managed to make it one of the leaders in manufacturing a wide range of drugs.

Women have the inherent potential to overlook any impediments, to commit themselves to their ambitions and eventually drive the nation by fulfilling them. The real empowerment is attained only when they are wise-enough and highly-powered to make decisions and women, when authoritative, would turn into economic carriers of India.

Gender equality plays a crucial role in uplifting women. Rather, gender inequality certainly needs to be abolished. Gender-based discrimination and disparity are evident from various dowry cases and sexual harassment incidents. The idea of equal employment opportunities is still lingering unimplemented in several remote areas. Women in some inaccessible areas are yet confined to their household routines while their spouses go for work.

Government should open its doors for women to be given opportunities to prove themselves on a par with the men.

A blessing in disguise’ seems to justify the women empowerment in India. Although women are brought up by themselves to the top-notch position, some miscellaneous factors clampdown on them. Top brass officials politicise things and it’s ultimately women who become victims which lead to their resignation or stall of activities being carried out by them. Drearily, sometimes it might even result in suicides. Sexual harassment is one of the horrendous factors that suppresses women.

Rape is a heinous crime that government needs to tackle to ensure women empowerment. Hardly a day passes without a case of rape being reported in Indian newspapers and media. Welfare of women is the foremost thing that government must lay an emphasis on.

Women empowerment can be achieved chiefly through Health and Education. “Health is Wealth”. Basic sanitation facilities, adequate medical camps, government health schemes would be conducive to bring about a major change. The female literacy rate has also increased . Enrolment of girls in schools makes a huge difference in transforming the nation.

Women are no less than outstanding, be it in business, politics, entertainment, sports or whatever. They must be provided with ardent invigoration and their spirits must be kept high to delete the term ‘impossible’ from the dictionary. Like sarojini naidu, Jhansi lakshmi bhai and Indira Gandhi who exemplified women empowerment with their deeds, let us expect many more epitomes of such personality traits.

With the process of industrialisation, globalisation and modernization showing its deep import on the human society all over the world,the role and responsibility of women has attained a new dimension.The educational and occupational patterns have also changed and widened with women entering the domains,which till decade back was considered to be dominated by men.Unless women throw off shackles which ignore their talent,their skill and their spirit,women cannot be empowered.And unless they are empowered to take a decisive part in the social political and economic life of the country,the very development of the country may be adversely affected.

Published by Manal Singh Pathania

A science student and a business man who loves to write ,sketch and spread humanity among people around.I write to enhance my skills and to spread positivity.I will be very thankful to u all if you will go through my stuff.

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