We humans are prone to beautiful things in our daily life.We keep the rarest and the most beautiful birds in our canary.We choose the most beautiful dogs or cats or other animals as our pets.We buy attractive clothes.We build beautiful houses.But when it comes to our life companion one must consider other things too. A beautiful wife is a temporary focus of people’s attention and it is not safe to depend upon it as a guiding factor for choosing your life partner completely.

An educated and intelligent wife possess a light which can never be put out.Intelligence is an invaluable possession and is much better than wealth or beauty. It is immortal and is passed from one generation to another.

A wife has to be a mother .An educated mother is the best and most effective teacher.Therefore she is an asset not only to herself or to her husband but to the family and nation too.

A wealthy wife can at most be useful to her husband but not of any service to the nation,whereas an educated wife will leave behind the best legacy, a well educated family.Do not let the case of a couple of men who won fame through the wealth and influence of their wives ,lure you.The private life of these men cannot have been happy.Wealth can only be accumulated only by intelligence and hard work.

Marriage is a sacred bond which cannot be confused with lust.Physical enjoyment is not the only thing essential for successful marriage. One needs a companion with whome he can share his weals and woes,to make family life happy and successful. For that ,harmony of ideas is more essential so only an intelligent wife can know the like and dislikes of her husband. She can use her intelligence to solve problems of life in critical situations.

Our history depicts that beauty has been the cause of so many battles.Ravana had to loose his life as well as his kingdom for his infatuation for Sita.

According to my notions ,we should choose an intelligent woman for a wife.Marriage was introduced for setting up a new family for which a happy home is essential and for happiness one requires intelligence.Now days struggle for living is becoming hard but if your wife is intelligent and educated she can take up a job and help you in supplementing the family income.An intelligent wife can also help you in your profession, may it be of business, teaching by her intuitive advice.Intelligence along with education is what I would prefer while choosing my life partner.


Published by Manal Singh Pathania

A science student and a business man who loves to write ,sketch and spread humanity among people around.I write to enhance my skills and to spread positivity.I will be very thankful to u all if you will go through my stuff.

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