Sex education plays a very important role in today’s epoch.This education is far more than just sex ,its about maintaining healthy relations,respecting each others body, nurturing good values regarding relationships and much more.

In our country when the information is good it is not always delivered when it is needed because we often feel embarrassed when we talk on such topics.This include our schools too and I don’t think even our parents would openly talk with us on such topics. But if we take this topic seriously we can change the mindset of our future generations.
Giving right knowledge on sex will make our students become more well-practiced in thinking about caring for one another, they’ll be less likely to commit and be less vulnerable to sexual violence. And they’ll be better prepared to engage in and support one another in relationships,
the notion of care for others can enhance wellbeing and pave the way for healthy intimacy in the future. It can prevent or counter gender stereotyping and bias. And it could minimize instances of sexual harassment and assault in middle and high school , stalking to unwanted touching and nonconsensual sex. But in India we aren’t considering this type of education as vital because  we still think like old times and dare not to talk openly.

Sadly, many teenagers are getting their information about sex from their peers, pornographic material and from their seniors. Teenagers may end up with several wrong ideas about sex,about the opposite gender and their approach to sex.

Sex education in school can clear up many notions about sex and its effects, but only if the subject is approached in an interactive, clinical manner. Teenagers have many questions but nobody to ask – most do not want to talk to their parents about it, and they hardly receive any useful inputs from friends. Therefore, sex education for teenagers becomes an essential activity.

India has the largest adolescent population. Sexual health is not openly discussed due to cultural and traditional norms in society. Incorrect information has the potential to create misunderstanding in the youth making them less likely to adopt healthy practices.
Public discussion of topics of a sexual nature are widely considered as taboo in the Indian society.

Parents play a critical role in providing sex education . All kids learn about topics related to their secret body parts, sexual health and relationships mainly from their friends, internet and other sources. Make sure they learn it from you first. When they hear it from you,they know your values and experiences and that makes a lot of difference. Talk with your kids openly, honestly and often.Both boys and girls need to know the basics. When we talk with our children, we can help them learn what to expect as they are growing up so they won’t be scared or surprised by the changes they’ll go through.

Start teaching your kid at an early age.Use your own methods .Use the proper names for genitals. Teach your child about good and bad touch.
Children at this point of development may not fully understand key messages, but sharing with them lets your child know that you love and accept them. If you talk about genitals without shame, your child will learn to feel good about all parts of their body and others body .Understanding and modeling consent can help your child be safe and have healthier relationships in the future.

As your child’s gender identity develops, encourage them to respect themselves and others.Let them know they can talk to you or other trusted adults about anything.Teach them about appropriate touch and how to say no to unwanted touch.Be ready to give a simple description of where babies come from. Try to teach them that people have lots of body parts in common and that these body parts can look different on different people. All bodies are special and they must be respected.When you will inculcate these kind of thoughts in your child’s mind they would never go wrong in future.

Provide positive messages about children’s and adults’ bodies. End with messages that all bodies are different, and all bodies are wonderful so we must respect all genders and their bodies.

PUBERTY Everyone goes through changes when they start growing from a little person to a big person – that’s called ‘puberty.’ Puberty is a normal, exciting part of growing up. People go through puberty at different times, and that’s normal, too.”

PUBERTY IN GIRLS Puberty in girls usually starts between ages 9 and 11. The first signs of breast, called “buds,” start to form under the nipple. They may be itchy, which is normal.

It’s common for breasts to be of different sizes and grow at different rates. So, it’s normal if one bud appears larger than the other. The darker area around the nipple will also expand.

In addition, the uterus begins to get larger, and small amounts of pubic hair start growing on the lips of the vagina.

PUBERTY IN BOYS In boys, puberty usually starts around age 11. The testicles and skin around the testicles begin to get bigger. Also, early stages of pubic hair forms on the base of the penis.

Puberty can be challenging for kids and parents. In addition to causing many physical changes, hormones are also causing emotional changes. You may notice your child is moody or behaving differently.

It’s important to react with patience and understanding. Your child may be feeling insecure about their changing body, including their acne.

Talk about these changes and reassure your child it’s a normal part of maturing. If something is particularly troubling, talk to your child’s doctor as well.

Many parents and caregivers are concerned if they talk about sex or anything else related to sexuality that it will encourage their children to be interested in and have sex earlier than they would have otherwise.But in my views when parents talk with their kids about sexuality, their kids make better decisions around sex and relationships.

TEACHING THEM ALL ABOUT HEALTHY AND SEXUAL RELATIONS. Discuss and reinforce the benefits of delaying sexual activity.

India’s population is increasing at an alarming rate so teach them to promote birth control as it will help to control the exploding population. Give them proper knowledge on STD prevention to help them reduce risk and protect their health if and when they become sexually active.

Encourage your child to evaluate their relationships. Reinforce that healthy relationships are built on trust and equal power.Ensure that they know how to say “no.” Explain what mutual consent means and why it is important. And teach them not to force any one .

Share where they can access sexual and reproductive health care services in your community.

AVOIDING STDs USING PROTECTION The only effective way of avoiding an STD or avoid getting pregnant when you don’t want to be is by not having unprotected, vaginal, oral or anal sex. If you do have sex, using internal or external condoms can really help reduce your risk of getting an infection and using birth control can reduce your risk of getting pregnant.

DON’T LET TECHNOLOGY OVERRULE YOUR PRIVACY Technology and social media are fun, great ways of being able to communicate and share things with other people. It’s never okay, though, to forward private texts or photos to other people without someone’s permission. If you send partly or fully naked photos of yourself to someone even a romantic partner you may have broken the law. And you may have opened the other person to breaking the law because they have possession of those photos.

MUTUAL CONSENT IS VERY IMPORTANT You should never do anything sexual with another person you don’t want to do. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already done it before, even with that person. You should never force or pressure another person into doing something sexual they don’t want to do. If they are hesitant, assume they really don’t want to, and stop. And remember, you can only give consent if you and the other person are sober and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Talk about safer sex practices with your kids in any way you feel comfortable. It’s one of the most important step you can take as a responsible citizen of India.
Vaginal, anal or oral sex without protection may lead to sexually transmitted diseases. Teens don’t always think oral sex counts as “sex,” and they don’t know that they can catch an STD that way.

Most people actually don’t have any symptoms when they have an STD, so they don’t even know they have one. But they can still spread them to other people and cause problems.So it’s better to get yourself diagnosed.

MASTURBATION It’s totally normal for teens to masturbate. Masturbation is safe, pleasurable, can reduce stress or period-related cramps and has no bad side effects. It’s also the safest sex there is.  There’s no need to be alarmed if you find out your teen is masturbating. Masturbating can satisfy sexual feeling and help teens get to know their own bodies.

Teens hear lots of myths about masturbation — that only guys do it, or that everybody does it so if they don’t do it that means they’re weird. The truth is that people of all genders masturbate, but not everybody does it. It’s normal if you do it, and it’s normal and OK if you don’t.  Letting your teens know these facts can help them to deal with the myths they may hear.  

RESPECT YOUR KIDS PRIVACY During adolescence, teens tend to desire more privacy and feel more self-conscious about their bodies. Whether they masturbate or not, your teen is probably going to want more privacy than they did when they were younger. So let them keep their bedroom door closed if they want and knock before you go into their room.

THERE IS A LOT OF DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PORN SEX AND REAL LIFE SEX. Pornography or sexually explicit pictures and videos are easy to find. In fact, many children and teens first see porn accidentally when they are looking for something else online. It’s very likely your teen has seen some porn on the internet — and some teens are watching it regularly.

Most young people who look at pornography do so out of curiosity about other people’s bodies and about sex. But porn can lead to unrealistic expectations. So you must try to tell your child that porn sex isn’t like real sex.Their bodies are cosmetically, and often surgically or hormonally, enhanced. The kinds of sex that people have in porn vedios is completely different from the sex in real life and the amount of time it takes for people to get excited and that they stay excited in porn is usually completely unrealistic.

Another example of negative messages in pornography is the lack of communication between actors which is always a must in real-life sex. And the actors in pornography don’t usually appear to use birth control or condoms.

VALUES MATTER Some areas are controversial, like premarital sex and abortion, but there’s almost universal agreement on the following values: Sexual exploitation of children is wrong. Sex should always be consensual. Knowledge and open communication are good, ignorance and dishonesty are bad. Sex is best in a relationship that combines passion, intimacy, and commitment.

WHY IS THIS EDUCATION IMPORTANT IN INDIA Many young men and women are delaying their marriages to pursue their careers, a result of rising education levels. However, most Indian households are conservative and prohibit discussions about sex. In rural areas and urban slums, girls are often married early and they don’t go into marriage equipped with any knowledge of sex. Adolescent fertility usually occurs within marriage because girls are encouraged to reproduce as early as they can after they are married. Therefore, 36% of children and 64% of adolescents are pregnant or already mothers.Conversely, pregnancy outside of wedlock carries severe social stigma in India. Medical termination of pregnancy  is available to few and the attitude of the providers towards such women is not amicable. As a result, they may attempt unsafe abortions or abandon the child. Such stigmatised women may also commit suicide.

Premarital sex has risen in India, and a large proportion of it is unprotected. Additionally, married men often engage in risky behavior by having unprotected sex with multiple partners, which can include commercial sex workers. Finally, the cultural patriarchal structure in India makes it unlikely that women will be able to ensure that their husbands are monogamous.This makes young Indians vulnerable to teenage pregnancy  and STDs. Studies have found that lower educated groups are especially vulnerable to STDs due to lack of knowledge and prevalence of misconceptions.

Sex education will also help to lower down the no. Of growing rape cases in India. I hope people will understand the need of sex education and start educating their children.Right education starts from Parents itself and if you will help your kids with the right knowledge and information they will never ever go wrong.Spend enough time everyday to talk to your kid even if you have tight schedules. Learn from them about their concerns or doubts about any happenings in and out of school. Make sure that they are not worried about any thoughts or scary things and give them moral support for the problems they are facing.

Last but not the least, it is important to be a good friend of your kid. Give them a space to share anything that comes to their mind and express their true feelings. Give them assurance that you would offer a helping hand despite what all comes their way. This would boost their confidence level and help them to excel and perform better in life.

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