What people never understand is that depression isn’t about the outside; it’s about the inside.

Depression is more than feeling sad
It is something that drives us mad
We loose interest in all the things
That our daily life and family brings

Depression is caused due to lack of social support
But I will always write rhymes to abort
This kind of monstrous thing
And be your saviour king

It completely destroys ones heart
But I have a special piece of art
The art of writing people’s pain
And telling them how to regain

I have experience in dealing with this pain
Cz my mom suffered a depressed blain
But together we won her battle of depressed phase
And spread positive vibes and rays

Seeing all her scars was very hard
But it helped me to discover ways to discard
All the negative things from her life
Life that was full of depressed strife

She used to hide the hurt and all the pain
But couldn’t hide the tears that fell like rain
Her skin felt like fire,she used to burn within
The calm on her face was an ongoing sin

It’s hard to explain
How people outside behaved inhumane
So she kept to herself
Until she realized that she needed help

She visited doctors well trained
But she didn’t recovered and was still strained
They just put her to some antidepressants
But still she was in pain
And all efforts by doctors were in vain

So then I tried all my ways
To bring back those happy days
I kept her busy in her favourite things
This is how she was born again with wider wings

You can go through my last poem on this
And know ways that brought bliss
Depression is like darkest place one travels alone
It is a solo journey filled with struggles and groans

But together we can fight
Every darkest single second and night
You can’t run ,nor can you hide
But if you conquer the beast you will survive
I am always there for people so alone
People who are depression prone

I will not leave you here all alone
Through my poems and stories I will take you back home
Back to old and happy days
When life was full of happy rays

Let us fight together and take a stand
Against this demon by holding each others hand
Because I want you people to win
And to ignite a new light within
                            By-Manal pathania

I tried my best to explain everything in my art and I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that……..looking forward to hear from you all.

Published by Manal Singh Pathania

A science student and a business man who loves to write ,sketch and spread humanity among people around.I write to enhance my skills and to spread positivity.I will be very thankful to u all if you will go through my stuff.


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